Shackleton Centenary Voyage 2016

This voyage will take us on a journey of a life time as we set sail from Buenos Aires to the Falkland Islands and on to South Georgia before heading South to Antarctica.

The challenging crossing of South Georgia will require four days of hiking and camping. Please register your interest in the crossing as soon as possible as only 15 places are available.

Charlie Paton has successfully completed the cross in May 2000, is undoubtedly the man to both co-ordinate logistics and lead the party. The climbers starting point will be that of Shackleton, Worsley and Crean’s, at the seldom visited and glorious King Haakon Bay on the southern coast of the Island. Here the men set off with provisions for just three days, in threadbare clothing, malnourished and frostbitten, in a bid to reach the Stromness whaling station.

For those not taking part in the crossing, Ice Tracks Expeditions is planning some spectacular hikes including meeting Charlie's traverse party in Fortuna Bay and joining them on the final miles of this unique traverse.

In all, it is a fabulous itinerary including the Falkland Islands, the spectacular coast of South Georgia and the whaling station of Grytviken. Elephant Island is high on our agenda as we appeal to the weather gods to allow us to land and pay tribute to Frank Wild and those men that endured more than four long, dark months waiting for the Boss to return.

We will continue to head South to the Antarctic Peninsula and into the ice of the Weddell Sea to experience the breath-taking vistas, peppered with cobalt blue ice bergs that dwarf everything in their midst! To achieve all of the above and more we have an extended the itinerary for our final Shackleton Centenary 2016 voyage, allowing us to fully explore the Southern Ocean's most remote places before reaching the white continent itself.

Ice Tracks has run the Shackleton Centenary Voyage in 2014 (read our testimonials) and we are returning South with the second edition in November 2015.

We truly believe that Ice Tracks' experience combined with Charlie's Polar expertise, will make the Grand Finale of the Shackleton Centenary Voyage 2016 not only one of the most successful voyages but a historical event not to be missed by those inspired by "the boss" achievements.

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